Youth films

Wednesday, 12 April - 14:00

Fourteen Sucks†/ "Fjorton suger" /†Sweden 2004 / 83 min
Dir: Filippa Freijd, Martin Jern, Emil Larsson, Henrik Norrthon, cast: Elin Ahlberg, Jesper Fridh, Andreas Karoliussen

FOURTEEN SUCKS is a story about 14-year-old Emma, a ferociously cool girl, who during summer break feels trapped inbetween two worlds. On one hand her old boring childish friends, on the other hand her older brother Markusí cool and tough crowd. As a step towards shedding her old skin she goes to a wild party with her brotherís friends, in spite of his loud protests. But the difference between the two worlds is greater than Emma could ever imagine and before the night is over a drunken Emma has been assaulted by Patrik, one of her brotherís best friends...
In Swedish, with English and Russian subtitles.

Thursday, 13 April - 12:00

MeYouMe / MinaSinaMina / Estonia 2005 / 90 min
Dir: Erle Veber

MEYOUME is a sincere documentary about sex and love. People from different age groups and nationalities, be it well-known figures or ordinary youth, express their opinions and talk about their experiences related to these topics. This is yet another confirmation that we are all the same Ė in our need to love and to feel the butterflies in our stomach.
In Estonian and Russian.

Friday, 14 April - 14:30

The Edukators†/ "Die Fetten Jahre sind vorbei" / Germany-Austria 2004 / 127 min
Dir: Hans Weingartner, cast: Daniel BrŁhl, Julia Jentsch, Stipe Erceg

Berlin student Jule is hoplessly indebted due to an accident she caused, uninsuredly hitting a rich businessmanís limousine. Evicted from her flat she moves in with her boyfrend Peter and soon learns that Peter and his flatmate, Jan, are breaking into luxurious mansions at night. Instead of stealing or vandalizing, though, they carefully and ornately rearrange furniture and valulables and leave obscure messages. Jule convinces Jan, who has a crush on her, to pay a visit to the villa of her creditor.
In German, with Estonian and Russian subtitles.


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